The Maison
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HERDA jewels are creations by Ramona Herda, leading figure of the new generation of designers of high jewelry.

HERDA jewels are creations by Ramona Herda, leading figure of the new generation of designers of high jewelry. Italian jewelry, because Ramona, born in Bucharest into an inspired family of architects, soon moved to Rome and in this extraordinary city and in the other places of the peninsula she visited or where she stayed, she immediately breathed all the value and charm of italian art. These experiences, combined with the innate creativity, led Ramona to attend schools and jewelry ateliers where she learned and refined all the secrets of processing techniques of precious metals and stones.

“I have always thought that there is a thin but strong thread that flows between artworks, architecture, painting, sculpture and the works and the phenomena of nature, the former taking inspiration from the second, and in this we find epiphanies of those”


The cult of architecture nurtured in her family and the passionate studies of ancient art constitute the heritage from which the artistic figure of Ramona’s creations was born. In all Ramona’s creations you can perceive the compositional rules of classical and modern architecture, the proportions between volumes, the luminous contrasts and energies of Baroque, and the refined, ingenious expressions of italian jewellery art through the centuries.


HERDA is the young italian brand, bearer of that spirit, of that culture, of that aura, of that creativity, that have fascinated and continue to fascinate the world, prodigious encounter between tradition, imagination, experimentation with the new, the natural predisposition to beauty.

Moreover, in HERDA you recognize the universe of old technique of jewelery making, of noblest traditions of ancient artisanal craftsmanship. HERDA is passion, a beautiful passion, it is a balance between content and form, between expressive languages that meet up and merge into jewels unique in character and workmanship.

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I often remember
Vitruvio’s consideration:
“In each work of art all the parties respond to a precise calculation and it is obtained respecting the canons of nature”


Bringing all over the world her creations HERDA not only wants to propose jewels of exquisite workmanship, but intends to make known Italian excellence, to represent a model in which creativity, compositional skills, tradition and innovation converge, integrate and harmonize, and moreover, selecting precious metals and stones of the highest quality, offering unique and exlusive pieces, designed and handmade for every single customer and for every single desire.


HERDA Art Jewellery opens its exclusive private boutique and design studio in a street in Rome’s elegant Parioli district, just minutes from the seventeenth-century Villa Borghese. HERDA boutique, by appointment only, opens up a creative world of luxury jewelry manufacturing, known only to connoisseurship.
The  boutique, with its white  lacquered decor, sophisticated and elegant ambience, offering a great degree of privacy and security, represent HERDA vision for her brand.